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//Why Your Business Needs Marketing Automation in 2018-2019?

Why Your Business Needs Marketing Automation in 2018-2019?

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Hey guy, welcome to my blog series ‘Business Ready for World Expo 2020’.

What would a business world look like without marketing automation? You really don’t want to know. But for those companies who are still doing marketing the hard way and are not getting desired results, I am going to explain marketing automation example and its advantages right here.

Still here to read about Marketing Automation?

Well, let’s get started. Marketing Automation in simple words is anything that makes a marketer’s life easier by eliminating manual work. If you’re using any CRM software to collect form submissions and get them into a database, you’re using marketing automation. If you’re setting up some rules and logic that allow you to segment your database into audiences for your marketing campaigns, you’re using marketing automation.

Ahhh, and are you setting up lead nurture campaigns to automatically email your prospects when they take an action? Surprise! You’re using marketing automation again.

When we talk about marketing automation, what we’re talking about are the capabilities that arose in the last 10 or so years, thanks to the advent of new technology. Back in the old ages of marketing, if you wanted to get a message to a prospect, you had to bridle up your horses, pack your wagon with laudanum and salted chicken, and strike out into uncharted lands to let them know that you are the only solution to their needs. Now, we can take care of most tasks with a combination of knowledge and the push of a button, which is easier and only slightly less adventurous.

Marketing Automation Process

Why is Marketing Automation Important for your Business?

As I always mention to my clients, marketing has always been a mix of art than science. That makes it difficult to

1. quantify your impact as a marketer and

2. figure out exactly what the most effective method is for reaching your audience.

The ability to automate has added more advanced science to the mix, effectively standardizing some of the best practices for marketers and making those best practices easier to execute on.

For example, most of the CRM software’s allows you to easily set up email workflows. I have set up one workflow that targets around 75 contacts who have filled out a particular form to download a PDF of 22 Enviable Inbound Marketing Examples. Using marketing automation, I’ve ensured they’ll get a thank you email for doing so. If I wanted to, I could easily build out more steps. I might want to keep those same users abreast of any new content that I’m cooking up here for my Blog or Media. Or I might set up rules to weed out prospects who show little interest in what I’m offering.

This kind of automation eliminates the tedious (and mistake-filled) work of emailing prospects on an individual basis. It also frees you up to spend more time on the things you love doing, like content creation, strategizing, and sending hilarious GIFs to your co-workers.


If You Skimmed This Post…
If you’re short on time but simply have to understand marketing automation, here’s the gist: Marketing Automation is a technology aimed at removing the manual work from repetitive tasks and data collection in marketing contexts, making your business more efficient and your marketer more productive. It’s a great thing, and you should be using it.

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