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//How Blogging Feeds your Business with more Leads?

How Blogging Feeds your Business with more Leads?

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Another frequently asked question by my clients is “Why blogging is important, and how it helps to generate leads?” So here we go… Next topic in my blog series of ‘Business Ready for World Expo 2020’.

Blogs are the heartbeats of any inbound marketing effort, and as you can tell by this blog post, I’m personally very fond of them. Let’s get started and understand why blogging is essential for your business.

Still here to read about Blogging for Lead Generation?

Today everyone from stay-at-home moms to Fortune 500 companies operates blogs for a variety of reasons. Today, HubSpot reports that businesses who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI.

For a business, blogging does more than just letting followers know about recent company news and events. When it’s done right, it can establish you as an authority in your field, give people an inside look at your workplace culture, your work process, your willingness to help your customers before sales with no obligation.

By crafting blog content that educates your customers about your products or services and the industry it’s in, you firmly position yourself as a go-to resource in your audience’s time of need.

Not only that, the more valuable posts you publish, the more favorable search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo look at your website. As a result, you’ll attract more qualified leads via search engines.

60% of the companies included in the research had their business blog and they generated on an average 67% more leads than companies without one. 67% more leads!

blogging for lead generation

Whatever your personal definition may be of blogging, your blog should generally follow the below mentioned things:
• A place to share and engage with useful, original content
• Optimized for the keywords you want your business to be found for
• Updated on a weekly basis
• Relevant to your industry and/or brand.
• Well-written, insightful, and fun (if that’s your brand or industry)

But what happens when visitors get there?

You want to attract them, capture their attention, call them to action, and turn them into customers.
But before you can capitalize on your customer’s lifetime value, you first need to capture their personal information, through a process is known as “lead capture” through lead forms.

Consider a visitor, arrived to your website through organic search, who located you based on a core product (an ERP software, let’s say) that you sell. They landed on a smart blog post optimized for that specific keyword, one that talks about what makes ERP implementation success, and they learn a little more about what they should be looking for as they decide on a product and partner.

Intrigued by your excellent content, they click your attractive call-to-action to view success stories of ERP implementation in their industry and fill out the form. Awesome, you now have their contact information and the ability to keep them engaged as you nudge them toward a sale. That one blog post will pay off for more than the time you put into it. In other words, if you’re doing the research you need to think ahead of time keeping your customer’s challenges in mind, it’ll cut down on the time you need to write a good blog post.

Blog Traffic Increases After Your Blog Reaches 24+ Posts
Below is the graph that shows you, once you write 24-51 posts, your blog traffic starts to grow.
That’s how long it takes to build and grow a blog with enough pages to get indexed by Search Engines like Google and attract links from other sites as well as visitors.

So, blogs can help businesses attract traffic and quality leads consistently, and businesses who are choosing NOT to start blogging are simply leaving the leads for their competitors.

blogging for inbound lead generation

Also, the higher post count showed 77% higher lead generation than the lower count.

If You Skimmed This Post…
…and have short of time, you can still benefit from little blog knowledge. Ideally, your blog is a regularly updated website or addition of new page that delivers useful and relevant content to your target audiences and is often written informally. Blogs have bountiful benefits, is what I’m saying, and you should have one. If done right, your blogs will work to generate more traffic and qualified leads for your business.

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